joint CoRe

The project 'joint CoRe' will establish a joint, sustainable center of research hosted by the Tonji University Shanghai / College of Transportation Engineering and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) / Institute of Transportation Systems .

The expansion of cooperation between the partners serves sustainable research with a focus on mobility and transport and their link to the environment and traffic safety. It enables joint, excellent and international research and education of young scientists from both countries and establishes the results in applied technology in Shanghai, China and Germany.



The research center combines the processes with the individual elements, each of them contributes to the development of the "joint CoRe". Based on the common basics (data, information, processes from both countries) the interlocking enables

  • the research of methods and algorithms,
  • the scientific analysis,
  • the simulation of solution approaches,
  • the data collection and application in the real world

and serves the international comparison. The center of research will provide the organizational framework, technical infrastructures and research- and work programs for long-term top-level research.


The DLR and the College of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, celebrated the grand opening of the “DLR- Tongji Joint Center of Research for Mobility, Traffic-Safety and Environment" in Shanghai. Prof. Wu Jiang (Vize Präsident of the Tongji University) und Mr. Marc Hohloch (temporary Head of the Institute of Transportation Systems) signed the agreement for cooperation together with 20 experts of the two organisations. With this agreement they continue the successful collaboration between Germany and China in the field of sustainable traffic and mobility. The partners will work closely together to build a laboratory for environment and traffic safety and focus on the support of young scientists. The DLR is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Tongji University is supported by the „111 Project on Transportation Safety Discipline“ of the Ministry of Education in China.

Opening of the DLR- Tongji Joint Center of Research for Mobility, Traffic-Safety and Environment

Now the plates are mounted at TongjiUniverstiy and DLR-Berlin.


During our last work-meeting at Tongji University we set up the Environment measurement Box developed by DLR-TS. This Box will measure traffic induced air pollution at the intersection, where we establish our intersection monitoring system in the next months.

On the next step to the DLR-TS Intersection Monitoring System, our Tongji Partners together with the Tongji Institute of Surveying made DGPS measurements at the intersection in Jiading near to the Tongji Campus.

What's next?

20.-21.02.2019 – SUMO Basic Training Course
Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO) is an open source, highly portable, microscopic road traffic simulation package designed to handle large road networks. SUMO has been extensively applied in different projects related to network performance, traffic assignment, vehicle routing, traffic impact analysis, traffic emission, V2X and other diverse traffic issues since more than 15 years. In addition to conventional vehicles electric vehicles can also be considered and analyzed in SUMO. Different parking activities, such as searching for parking lots, driving to the pre-assigned parking space, can be simulated with SUMO. Moreover, SUMO can simulate pedestrians, bicycles and their interactions with vehicles in order to present various traffic-related activities in cities.
This training course focuses on the basic application for setting up and revising a traffic simulation scenario and the respective simulation execution and visualization.

28.-29.02.2019 – 8th Sino-German Conference on Road Traffic Safety in Berlin
Details follow …