VABENE++ and TOGS exhibited at the Science Days Munich

09.08.2016 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
From 8th to 11th of September, the Science Days Munich offered the opportunity for universities, companies and research institutes from Munich to present their work to the general public. DLR took the opportunity to exhibit a model of its Transportable Optical Ground Station (TOG...Learn more

Transport and the Environment

Focused expertise for a sustainable transport system How will we be mobile in tomorrow´s world? What options do we have to develop transport more sustainably? A network of twelve research institutes overseen by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is researching those and other ques...Learn more


The goal is to efficiently manage the required rescue logistics and the nearby traffic flow even under extreme conditions, thereby enabling response teams to rapidly reach the locations where they are needed. Research focuses on such areas as simulation and large-scale traffic mo...Learn more

Aerial view – live from the forest fire with EOC

08.03.2016 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
In cases of wide-area fires it is essential to precisely locate the source of fires and the directions in which they are spreading. In a joint forest fire drill in Spain together with firefighters and forest fire experts it could be demonstrated under realistic operating conditio...Learn more

Erwin Schrödinger Prize 2015: Quantum Encryption Takes Off

28.01.2016 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
Today, fast, efficient and safe exchange of information globally is considered to be indispensable, but so far full protection against unauthorized access has been something to dream about rather than a reality. This is because even the most sophisticated encryption can be cracke...Learn more

Microdrones as mobile sensor platforms for disaster relief scenarios

04.12.2015 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
Among other things, the current activities in VABENE++ include a study of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs; see Fig. 1) for potential applications in disaster relief and monitoring of large events. Fig. 1: Image of a Quadrotos MAV as they are used at the Insititute of Communications a...Learn more