1. Next Generation Car Vehicle Concepts

The NGC Inter Urban Vehicle (IUV) offers a vision for comfortable and locally emission-free travel over longer distances. With ranges of up to 1000 kilometres, the IUV addresses the requirements of a family or business traveller for comfortable journeys with automated driving modes and comfort-optimised interior and vehicle boarding concepts.



The Urban Modular Vehicle (UMV) concept focuses on urban mobility, electrification, the introduction of highly automated vehicle systems, and safe body structures for urban use. The UMV variants are: Basic, Long, Cargo with driver’s workplace, autonomous People Mover/ Cargomover and Skateboard for flexible people/cargo carriers.



The Safe Light Regional Vehicle (SLRV) is the smallest member of the NGC family of new road vehicle concepts. It addresses the light electric vehicle segment and is powered by a fuel-cell based hybrid drivetrain. An important innovation of this concept is its body, which has been designed using sandwich construction in order to achieve a combination of low weight, good crash performance and acceptable cost.