4th Sino-German Symposium on Urban Road Traffic Safety

The 4th Sino-German Symposium on Urban Road Traffic Safety co-organized by Tongji University and German Aerospace Center (DLR) with focus on Traffic Management and Safety during major events & disasters, for road planning and design and for operation of Tram took place at Tongji University, Shanghai, China, from May 7 to 9, 2014. 

Besides the general issues on road traffic safety, the 4th Sino-German Symposium on Road Traffic Safety particularly focused on traffic management issues in big public events and catastrophic events, as well as safety issues in urban tram system planning, design, operations and management, which quite many Chinese cities currently confront with. Researchers and practitioners in the fields of transport planning and traffic engineering, along with the leaders of transportation societies from Germany and China, were cordially invited to join this symposium. 

The symposium aims to provide an open communication platform for transportation academics, planners, engineers and management authorities, in order to contribute to the improvement of road traffic safety in China. Meanwhile, the organizing committee sincerely wishes to further reinforce the connections between transportation societies of German and China, and establish a long-term productive mechanism of collaboration and foster international joint research. For this year we could win the support of the Jiading / Shanghai Government for our conference.

Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)Participants of the 4th Sino-German Symposium on Urban Road Traffic Safety