Projekt closure of SOCIETIES

In the EU project SOCIETIES concepts for combining social Networks with sensor-based Pervasive Computing have been developed in between September 2010 and April 2014. The Results were demonstrated to a user group from the Disaster Management Community, among others, and the usage of the System was evaluated. Thematic Intersections with VABENE can be found in the Development of a crowd-sourcing Platform for natural Disasters and the Interfacing of Cameras on Quadrotors for this task. DLR’s work in the SOCIETIES Project was finished with flight Experiments in cooperation with Lech Energiewerke (LEW). Our Prototype was used to fly close to a Power Pylon, enabling a remote User to identify potential structural Damages utilizing the Camera fixed to the Flight System. The Quadrotor was controlled by the Movement of a User in the Holodeck at the Institute of Communications and Navigation in Oberpfaffenhofen (approx. 50km distance), who was provided with a live video Feed from the Quadrotor to Augmented Reality Goggles. The Feedback from LEW and the Test Pilots was positive through the bench.