Rock am Ring 2014 – Parallel Flight with DLR’s 3K Sensor and F-SAR

Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)Optical imagery and F-SAR radar data of "Rock am Ring"
Optical ortho-image (pixel size: 0.1 meter, altitude: 700 Meter above ground) (left) and fully polarimetric radar image (pixel size: 0.2 meter, altitude: 2900 meter above ground) (right) showing a 900 x 800 meter large subset of the festival camping and parking ground. The colours in the radar image appear due to different backscatter properties of the objects on the ground. Here, parking spaces with a number of vehicles can be well detected in the left part of the subset, in comparison to the tent area on the right part.

During the Open Air Festival "Rock am Ring" a multisensory dataset was acquired on 6th of June 2014 by DLR's airborne radar system F-SAR on the Dornier Do 228 and the optical camera system 3K on the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, both operated simultaneously on-board of the two aircrafts. This dataset allows for the comparison and fusion of fully polarimetric radar data and optical data and provides data for a number of remote sensing applications. In the frame of the VABENE++ project, these applications are for instance traffic monitoring, the occupancy assessment of parking space, camp grounds and assembly areas for rescue forces. In addition, by comparing these datasets with a different dataset from the same area acquired several weeks before, further remote sensing methods can be investigated and refined. These methods are for instance change detection and the generation of precise digital elevation and terrain models.

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