Current state of knowledge - vehicle drives and energy sources for road transport

The DRL project Energy and Transport (EVer) on sector coupling is now in its final year. One of the project goals is the investigation of internal and external factors influencing the synergetic coupling of energy and transport systems. In addition to exogenous framework conditions and political measures, this also includes technological developments in the systems used. For this purpose, the current state of knowledge on the subject of drive systems and energy carriers for road transport has now been processed within the framework of the project. The results are now available in the form of a poster. This is intended to present the central characteristics of the drives or energy sources that will be relevant for the next decades from today's perspective. In addition to financial characteristics, such as vehicle sales prices and operating costs, these include above all consumption and emission data and the ranges that can be determined from them according to various studies. This poster not only functions as an aid for updating and adapting the models involved in the project, but also forms an important basis for decisions by public officials.

In the further course of the project, the successful coupling of the Vector21, REMix and CURRENT models via the existing interfaces is expected, which will allow an analysis of the mutual influence of vehicle market development, transformations in energy supply as well as vehicle use. The combined model system should not only be able to deliver comparable results on the development of the energy and transport system from peer-reviewed publications, but also to calculate measure-sensitive results for specially created scenarios with the greatest possible decarbonization in road transport.


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