EASIER - sEAmless SustaInable EveRyday urban mobility

Within the EASIER joint project, the sub-project "Attractive Transfers" of the DLR Institute of Transport Research aims to increase the share of active mobility (walking and cycling) and of public transport (PT) in the modal split by designing and planning attractive access to PT and connections between different modes of transport on foot and by bicycle.

For this purpose, instruments of Tactical Urbanism will be applied. These are practical, inexpensive and temporary measures in public space that are developed and implemented in a participatory manner, i.e. by the users themselves. The subproject aims to find out to what extent these instruments influence the acceptance of the measures and thus simplify changeovers. Based on two concrete case studies in Berlin and further case studies in other European partner cities, surveys will be conducted to evaluate the effects of such measures on mobility behavior. The aim is also to find out whether and to what extent these measures initiated "from below" (by users) are accepted to a different extent than measures initiated "from above", i.e. interventions initiated and implemented by politicians or transport operators. Workshops with stakeholders (mobility service operators, administration, initiatives) are held at the beginning and towards the end of the project to ensure that the measures are feasible and can be consolidated. Furthermore, the activities are internationally interlinked in the overall project in order to achieve a higher significance for transferability to other contexts.


Overall project objectives

  • Create new insights on user behaviour and preferences in the new urban mobility landscape,
  • Seamless integration of active and shared modes with backbone public transport through network design,
  • Efficient tariff systems that promote the use of sustainable modes while safeguarding revenue of PT,
  • Increasing station catchment areas by prioritising active access/egress modes through urban design,
  • Improving transfer terminals through physical design,
  • More effective regulatory framework supporting improved mobility.

Objectives of the sub-project "Attractive transfers"

  • Increase the attractiveness of the environmental alliance by:
    • Attractive design of access for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
    • Attractive design of connections between different means of transport
Specifically in Berlin: transfers from/to public transport stations to spatially distanced Jelbi mobility stations at the Haselhorst subway station and the Lichtenberg S-Bahn and subway station.


The subproject is divided into four work packages. The central element is a workshop on the development and implementation of Tactical Urbanism measures. The measures will be examined on the basis of two different case studies in Berlin. The focus is on public transport stops and their surroundings, in particular the footpaths that connect different locations of the means of transport or stops. In coordination with the local partners, the Jelbi stations at the Haselhorst subway station and at the Lichtenberg S-Bahn and subway station were selected as case studies. These are so-called mobility stations, where several means of transport are available in a designated area, including car sharing and electric scooter sharing. The closest stops are at locations about 100 to 200 meters away and are spatially separated by roads and other barriers. Thus, both case studies have a different spatial structure and situation in the surrounding area.

Possible measures will be defined and implemented in stakeholder and user workshops, the acceptance and effects of which will be evaluated in terms of increased attractiveness of the station environment through user surveys. In addition, at the end of the project, the consolidation of the measures will be discussed in a further stakeholder workshop and possible recommendations for acting organizations and institutions will be derived.

Project phases

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