Timeline - What happened?

For one month we transformed a Berlin Charlottenburg intersection into a city square, to be used by all people in the neighborhood. This is a timeline with pictures displaying the steps and activities connected to this transformation.




Before the start of the research project

The intersection Horstweg / Wundtstraße during winter.


22.09.2020: Start of the research project "City square for one month"

The intersection is opened for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and closed for motorized traffic, a temporary pedestrian zone is created. A few days before, an easel was set up with information and questions about the design & occupation of the square. In addition, about 1,800 households in the vicinity of the town square received a questionnaire for the scientific monitoring of the project. In this context, the direct residents of the city square were offered alternative parking options in a Rewe parking lot.


24.09.2020: Setting up of a game box

On the street you can draw with chalk, ride a bike & inline skates or play soccer, badminton and basketball. To support playing, a box with toys will be placed on the city square.


29.09.2020: Tree slice greening with the neighborhood

Together with local residents, two tree grates are planted with greenery. This will improve the conditions of the trees, create a habitat for bees and at the same time make the town square more attractive.


01.10.2020: Creation of seating opportunities 

To make the place inviting to stay, a table with chairs, deck chairs and a sitting area are installed. Also, a bench is built.


01.10.2020: Open assembly for kids

At the Open Meeting for Children, playful discussions (painting, kneading, distributing stickers) are held with children about the perception of space.


01.10.2020: Open assembly for adults

At the Open Assembly for Adults, different opinions and positions about the project are exchanged. In addition, further design ideas are introduced.


03.10.2020: Upcycling of city square furniture

Together with adults and children, seating is painted in color. Upcycling (sanding & painting) can make furniture more attractive in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.


08.10.2020: Creation of the "Schöne Fläche"

In cooperation with the initiative "Kiez erFahren" from Schöneberg Nord, a so-called "Schöne Fläche" is built. One day later, a roof and an information board are added. The hanging gardens are planted by residents.


17.10.2020: Kiez flea market & swapmeet

On a sunny autumn weekend, a flea market is held on the city square, where local residents sell, buy and exchange second-hand goods.


17.10.2020: Open assembly for adults

At the second Open Assembly for Adults, different opinions and positions about the project are exchanged. Small groups then discuss the issues brought forward in more detail, consider solutions and exchange contacts for future joint activities.


19.10.2020: Construction of city furniture with residents  

Based on ideas from local residents, seating and other street furniture is built together with local residents. Here, an invitation "to continue building and greening" is attached.


19.10.2020: Traditional kids games


24.10.2020: Music and culture Saturday

On Music and Culture Saturday, artists from the neighborhood perform for the neighborhood. There is cabaret and music.


25.10.2020: Play trolley

There are play carts and seesaws for children on the city square. Thus the area can be used in a completely different way.


30.10.2020: Open conversation with the district city council

Together with Mr. Oliver Schruoffeneger, District Councillor for Urban Development, Construction and Environment in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, various experiences and opinions as well as further ideas, concepts and perspectives for the city square are discussed with the residents.


31.10.2020: The end & city square festival

On the last day of the project, many residents come together on the city square. At the end, the first research results are presented and the activities of the last weeks are shown in the form of a slide show. In keeping with Halloween, pumpkins are carved, and the ADFC offers on-site bicycle coding. The festival is accompanied musically by artists from the neighborhood and a poem about the time of the town square is recited by a local resident.