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"At the beginning of the research project we didn't only experience positive reactions. Some critical reactions to the city square were especially related to the lack of parking spaces and the diverted traffic. However, the residents had the opportunity to park their cars for the time on a nearby REWE parking lot. Whether this was a satisfactory solution for them , we will find out at the end of the project analysis, probably in February. With the final analyses of the surveys, we will then also learn more about whether the overall high level of approval we experienced during the project was actually shared by the majority of residents," explains Julia Jarass, the DLR project manager.

Residents' initial reactions were recorded by them on so-called opinion posters. During the one month of the research project, there were also some independently organized events and activities on the city square.

Opinion posters  

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A local resident even dedicated his own poem to the city square, which was then also set to music by a musician on the city square, as you can hear here.

City square poem




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