Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

Möglicher Integritätsdatenfluss innerhalb des maritimen PNT-Systems
Source: DLR Possible integrity data flow within the maritime PNT system

Development activities within the priority theme PNT are dedicated to the expansion of PNT Unit (Version 2.0) and the complementary enhancement of PNT-relevant services. Based on the concept of PNT Unit, developed in the frame of MTE project and consolidated internationally within the committee work (IALA, IMO), the project A++Set deals with the methodological and functional extension of the PNT Unit.  The main focus of developments is laid on new and combined PNT data processing techniques resulting from GNSS developments and modernization (e.g. next generation GPD, GALILEO, Beidou), provision of new terrestrial radio-navigation services (e.g. eLoran, R-Mode), and consideration of complementary sensors as well as specific sensor developments (e.g. hybridization, low cost). Resulting consequences on the system architecture, interfaces and the PNT-relevant data model have to be elaborated and to be consolidated for the intended standardization.
The necessity to modernize the PNT-relevant service portfolio results directly from GNSS-modernization and the evolving user need to compensate the vulnerability of GNSS by additional provision of terrestrial radionavigation systems. In this context approaches are developed and investigated to enable that in the future augmentation services for new GNSS signals as well as potential backup services (e.g. eLoran, R-Mode) can be provided. Special attention is laid on the determination of appropriate performance key identifiers to describe and indicate the capability of applied systems and the quality of provided data. Within this framework it will be analyzed, how PNT-relevant safety information (PSI) could contribute to an increase of accuracy and integrity of onboard PNT data determination.