Traffic Situation Assessment (TSA)

Methodology for associating objects from radar and AIS data
Source: DLR Methodology for associating objects from radar and AIS data

The comprehensive and unambiguous description of traffic situation in relation to available traffic area is an essential basis in order to detect and minimize collision risks on an early stage. The analysis of AIS and RADAR data will be continued to improve the spatial and temporal error modelling including causal dependencies. Furthermore it will be investigated if and how erroneous AIS and RADAR data could influence decision processes e.g. in relation of the selection of measures for collision avoidance. The MTE project realized initial investigations regarding the feasibility to associate AIS- and RADAR data. Ongoing activities within A++Set are focused on the development of appropriate methods for the automated detection of traffic obstacles based on ARPA data. The subsequent development phase serves the provision and testing of methods by which traffic situation parameter and assigned integrity information can be determined automatically.
Additionally, conceptual investigations are foreseen to clarify, how network-based and cooperative approaches are suitable to improve the completeness and reliability of traffic situation monitoring. In this context the synthetic generation of AIS messages as well as the automatic adjustment of traffic situation pictures between traffic participants will be considered.