DLR study on the potential of small and light electric vehicles (LEVs)

With regard to the upcoming UN climate conference COP26, the trade association for light electric vehicles LEVA-EU has commissioned a study from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to examine the potential of light electric vehicles (LEV) for reducing climate change . The Institute of Vehicle Concepts and the Institute of Transport Research are jointly analyzing what proportion of the distances traveled by car today could theoretically be covered with an electric small and light vehicle (LEV). Many different vehicle types are considered, from e-scooters, cargo bikes and pedelecs to three- and four-wheeled light electric vehicles. In the end, the research team will be able to make a rough estimate of what amount of emissions can be saved as a result and to what extent LEVs can make a contribution to achieving climate protection goals. To receive further information on our study, please click here.