New Aerial Camera System for Civil Protection

18.01.2018 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
The new camera system for the DLR research helicopter FHS is ready for use. The aim of the system is to acquire aerial images for situation assessment and to make the products available directly on site in order to support customers in case of major events and catastrophes.

A 3D Model in 2 Seconds

18.01.2018 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
3D Information can now be derived from aerial imagery within seconds to serve applications of the project VABENE++.

An alternative navigation system at sea

23.10.2017 · Seeverkehrsmanagement
Launch of R-Mode Baltic project Seafaring vessels use satellites to determine their precise position to within a few metres. It is particularly important that exact positional information is constantly available in coastal waters and ports or near offshore wind farms and oil...

VABENE++ and TOGS exhibited at the Science Days Munich

09.08.2016 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
From 8th to 11th of September, the Science Days Munich offered the opportunity for universities, companies and research institutes from Munich to present their work to the general public. DLR took the opportunity to exhibit a model of its Transportable Optical Ground Station...