Detailed bottom-up market simulation incorporating DLR knowledge

Since 2007 the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts is conducting research on the underlying causalities and interdependencies of vehicle markets. VECTOR21 incorporates this knowledge in a detailed bottom-up scenario and market analysis software for simulating future market developments. It is able to assess how future vehicle technologies will penetrate markets worldwide. Your strategic decision process is enhanced by an in-depth understanding of the essential market mechanisms.

Interactive, real-time scenario analysis in teams

Key to the analysis of future market developments is the discussion of input data, assumptions and results. This creative process usually takes place after analysts have searched and processed data, simulated and displayed results and summarized the analysis in a presentation. The experts now discussing about this presentation usually come to the conclusion that changing some of the input data is inevitable. But the analysts are not able to deliver new results during the presentation. The creative process is interrupted. As new results are presented in the following meeting, no one remembers the details: “What did we assume last time?” VECTOR21 puts an end to this creativity block. It allows to change inputs, simulate and display results in real-time.


  • Avoid mistakes by getting rid of confusing EXCEL market models VECTOR21 allows complex simulations while preserving the correctness of the calculation
  • Regional, national and international market modelling The software offers market segmentation enhanced by geographical information on regional level (e.g. NUTS3), country-specific policies and regulations can be modeled as well as interdependent international markets
  • Scientifically validated and flexible model design Scientific validation guarantees high-quality results. Furthermore, the software allows ongoing model extensions as well as customized adjustments to personal needs
  • Extensive and constantly updated input data line chart Default data allows to start simulations immediately. Time-consuming data research and processing is avoided. Data can be added where necessary
  • Interactive team collaboration Run simulations, modify inputs, display and discuss results with your team. Collaborate face-to-face or on-line connecting departments and company sites
  • Intuitive & comprehensible data visualization Makes understanding of and discussing about complex data possible. Strategic conclusions can be drawn easily

VECTOR21 is applicable in the following areas