Detailed bottom-up market simulation incorporating DLR knowledge

Since 2007 the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts is conducting research on the underlying causalities and interdependencies of vehicle markets. VECTOR21 incorporates this knowledge in a detailed bottom-up scenario and market analysis software for simulating future market developments. It is able to assess how future vehicle technologies will penetrate markets in Europe.


Interactive, rapid scenario analysis in teams

VECTOR21 is a hybrid of an agent-based and discrete choice market penetration model that assesses the competition among different powertrain alternatives in passenger car and commercial vehicle markets. It is used to model the effects of changing political and technological conditions on the prospective market shares of powertrain technologies. The interactive dashboard of the tool displays inputs and results where the experts can modify their scenarios and analyze the new outputs in seconds.



  • Regional, national and international market modelling The software offers market segmentation enhanced by geographical information on regional level (e.g. NUTS3), country-specific policies and regulations can be modeled as well as interdependent international markets
  • Scientifically validated and flexible model design Scientific validation guarantees high-quality results. Furthermore, the software allows ongoing model extensions as well as customized adjustments to personal needs
  • Extensive and constantly updated input data line chart Default data allows to start simulations immediately. Time-consuming data research and processing is avoided. Data can be added where necessary
  • Intuitive & comprehensible data visualization Makes understanding of and discussing about complex data possible. Strategic conclusions can be drawn easily

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VECTOR21 is applicable in the following areas