Verkehrsforschung im Detail: Im Forschungsschwerpunkt Verkehrsmanagement fokussiert sich das DLR unter anderem auf das Thema Seeverkehrsmanagement. Verschiedene DLR-Institute erarbeiten effektive Lösungen für die speziellen Herausforderungen – interdisziplinär und in themenzentrierten Projekten.


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Background Leading principle during navigation of vessels is the avoidance of collision and groundings to protect life, goods, and the maritime living space. However, a virtually unchanged number of ships’ accident has been observed during the last decade. Statistical analyses...


An alternative navigation system at sea

23.10.2017 · Seeverkehrsmanagement
Launch of R-Mode Baltic project Seafaring vessels use satellites to determine their precise position to within a few metres. It is particularly important that exact positional information is constantly available in coastal waters and ports or near offshore wind farms and oil...