Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement

Fließender Verkehr auch in Extremsituationen, optimale Umleitungen und schnelle Einsatz- und Rettungskräfte: Bei Großereignissen und im Katastrophenfall ist ein agiles und effektives Verkehrsmanagement unentbehrlich. Das DLR führt unterschiedliche Verkehrs- und Lageinformationen – aus Satellitendaten, Luftbildern, bodengebundenen Sensoren – zusammen. Daraus werden Prognosen und Handlungsempfehlungen abgeleitet, die Einsatzkräfte wie Polizei, Feuerwehr, THW oder Rotes Kreuz unterstützen.


4th Sino-German Symposium on Urban Road Traffic Safety

22.05.2014 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
The 4th Sino-German Symposium on Urban Road Traffic Safety co-organized by Tongji University and German Aerospace Center (DLR) with focus on Traffic Management and Safety during major events & disasters, for road planning and design and for operation of Tram took place at Tongji...Learn more

Projekt closure of SOCIETIES

05.05.2014 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
In the EU project SOCIETIES concepts for combining social Networks with sensor-based Pervasive Computing have been developed in between September 2010 and April 2014. The Results were demonstrated to a user group from the Disaster Management Community, among others, and the usage...Learn more

Spin-Off ViaLight Communications sells optical communication technology

23.04.2014 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
In 2009, the company ViaLight Communications (VLC) was founded. Among other things, VCL uses technologies developed at DLR to build and distribute commercial laser transmission systems for applications such as optical downlinks for aircrafts. Optical transmission systems enable v...Learn more

Concluding VABENE Project Meeting / Kick-Off for VABENE++

05.12.2013 · Großereignis- / Katastrophenmanagement
The VABENE project came to a successful conclusion in 2013. It was so successful that a continuation project, VABENE++, was authorized for five more years starting from 2014. For this reason, a kick-off meeting took place in Münster on 3-5 December 2013 with the entire VABENE-tea...Learn more