Dynamic traffic data information

Variable message sign Test Bed Lower Saxony
©Fotalia Variable message sign Test Bed Lower Saxony

The dynamic traffic data information enable, amongst other things, the current signalling or the currently displayed information of the traffic infrastructure to be made accessible to vehicles in the test bed (e.g. current displays of variable message signs). Additional information on the traffic situation in the test bed (e.g. release of hard shoulders, information on roadworks) can also be transmitted to the vehicle or made available for specific campaigns. These data are made available to vehicles directly via the communication technology of the test bed and are also stored persistently in the backend system.

Basic data for the dynamic traffic data information:

  • Construction-site data of the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM)
  • Fault information (accidents, moving roadworks)
  • Live data for the lane-related measurement loops in large areas of the test bed: Aggregation over one minute, differentiation between passenger cars and HGVs
  • Display of live data for the route-control system Hannover-Braunschweig-Salzgitter (variable message signs)
  • Display of live data for the network control with dynamic directions and integrated congestion information (dWiSta)