Communication technology

Communication technology of the Test Bed Lower Saxony
©DLR Communication technology of the Test Bed Lower Saxony

On a section of the A39 motorway in the Test Bed, roadside units (RSU) are being set up for V2X communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure, in order for messages to be received at any position on the said motorway section. The WLAN standard 802.11p (ITS-G5) is used as the transmission technology. In addition to the anonymised recording of messages sent by passing vehicles, it is also possible to send messages via the RSU. In these sections, ITS-G5-supported cooperative vehicle functions which communicate with the infrastructure and background services can be extensively tested and used. The V2X communication technology installed here can also be used temporarily anywhere on the Test Bed Lower Saxony via the mobile superstructures. In addition to the special ITS-G5 superstructures, the mobile communication technologies available in the region (LTE or 4G) can also be used. Further expansion options are currently being clarified.

Basic data for the communication technology:

  • Length of route 18 km, motorway A39, motorway junction Braunschweig-Southwest through to motorway junction Wolfsburg/Königslutter
  • 12 communication units with V2X – ITS-G5
  • Almost complete coverage of the route
  • Connection of the technology and mobile superstructures to backend systems
  • Height 6 - 7 m above road level to avoid masking