Scenarios and models

Scenarios and models of the Test Bed Lower Saxony
©DLR Scenarios and models of the Test Bed Lower Saxony

The provision of relevant scenarios and selected models and/or simulations (e.g. driving and traffic simulations) enables the simulation-based investigation of vehicles or vehicle components. This supports, in particular, efficient testing in almost all test-bed environments. The scenarios and models developed for the Test Bed Lower Saxony are defined in line with leading projects such as PEGASUS, SetLevel4to5, Enable-S3 and future projects.

The route layout and the environment model of the test bed are made available for, amongst other things, driving simulations, traffic simulations and simulation-based test beds. Traffic simulations are made available including parameterisations which enable traffic characteristics in the test bed to be carried out in simulation-based (preliminary) trials (e.g. in OpenSCENARIO format).

Basic data for the scenarios and models:

  • 3D route based on the high-precision map
  • Additionally modelled landmarks: solar park near Schandelah, motorway bridges, test bed masts, etc.
  • Logical description of the route in OpenDrive format
  • Scenario database with typical events (construction sites, accidents, traffic jams, wild animals crossing, heavy haulage, etc.)
  • Scenarios available in openSCENARIO format
  • FMI interface (functional mock-up interface) for the integration of external sensor models
  • Idealised sensors (error-free under neglect of physical properties)
  • Applicable in the traffic-simulation software SUMO
  • In future: calibration of traffic flows in the simulation using real data